Welcome to USDT GROW: The Future of Meme-Token Investing! USDT GROW is a revolutionary meme-token launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With an 8% buy and sell tax, we are bringing innovation and exciting opportunities to the cryptocurrency community.  


 At USDT GROW, we are a dedicated team working to provide real benefits to true holders. In less than 24 hours since our launch, we have already distributed over a thousand dollars in rewards to our loyal token holders. We believe in the importance of rewarding those who believe in our vision of growth and success. That's why we have designed a rewards system that allows USDT GROW holders to enjoy significant benefits. With each transaction, a percentage is distributed to our USDT GROW holders, ensuring they are truly rewarded for their ongoing support. Our commitment to transparency and innovation guides every step we take. We value trust and believe that by building a strong community, we can achieve extraordinary results together. Join us on the journey to unlimited growth. Be part of the USDT GROW community and enjoy the rewards we offer to our loyal holders.

Upcoming Steps

We are excited to share the upcoming steps for USDT GROW as we continue our journey of growth and success: Expansion of Use Cases: We are actively exploring partnerships and opportunities to expand the use cases of USDT GROW, creating practical and innovative applications for our token. Community Engagement: Your input and feedback matter to us. We will launch community initiatives, including polls and discussions, to involve our holders in shaping the future of USDT GROW. Strategic Partnerships: We are seeking strategic partnerships with other crypto projects, leveraging each other's strengths for mutual growth and success. Ongoing Marketing Efforts: We have already spent over 2 BNB on marketing initiatives to increase awareness and reach. However, we are just getting started and have exciting plans ahead to promote USDT GROW further. Additionally, we are proud to share that USDT GROW has been listed on MoonTok and remains on the BSC Trending List for a significant portion of the time, further enhancing our visibility and credibility. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to evolve and create value for our community.  

Renounced Ownership

The contract of USDT GROW is fully renounced and cannot be altered by anyone. It has been sent to a dead wallet on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 🔒 Security and Transparency Guaranteed: The renouncement of the contract ensures that the USDT GROW token is secure and provides transparency to the community. Rest assured that the token's integrity and functionality are safeguarded. 🔐 Immutable and Decentralized: By sending the contract to a dead wallet on the BSC, no one has control over the token, making it truly decentralized. This guarantees a fair and trustless ecosystem for all holders. Invest with confidence, knowing that the USDT GROW contract is renounced and protected, ensuring a secure and decentralized investment experience for all participants.

Liquidity Locked

🔒 Extended Liquidity: The liquidity of USDT GROW has been extended twice, ensuring security and stability for investors. 🔐 Token Lock: The tokens are currently locked for 30 days, providing greater protection and peace of mind for holders. ⏳ Next Lock: The next lock period will be for 90 days, offering even more stability and confidence to the community. ✅ Invest with Confidence: Rest assured that USDT GROW is committed to providing a secure and supportive environment for the growth of your investments.


💰 Tokenomics 💎     *Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000  *Symbol: USDGROW *Buy and Sell Fee: 8%     🔥 Incredible Rewards for Holders 🎁 With every transaction, holders of USDT GROW enjoy amazing rewards of 6% directly into their wallets. Be part of this community and benefit from the ongoing rewards generated with each transaction.


Our road-map is just below, it can be changed during the process as needed. 

Phase 1

Our first steps


Deploy contract

Stealth Launch

Pay Bsc Trending list

Start creating a strong community

Some small calls

Listing in MoonTok

Release Website v1

Phase 2

Our next steps


Start building a solid community

Pay Bsc Trending list again

Holders happy with rewards

Reach 500 holders and 1000 on Telegram members 

Reach 30k market cap

Extend liqudity for 90 days

Start medium calls

Phase 3

Our next steps


New listings and calls

All pages optimization

Reach 2000 holders and 5000 Telegram members

Expand marketing in various ways and social medias 

Create new utilities for our token

Update Roadmap 


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